June School Holiday Camp, 2016


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The enviorment camp

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June Holiday Program, 2015

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Chinese Chatting Corner

Are you having problems in finding the environment to practice Chinese conversation? Are you interested in Chinese cultures? Then this is for you!
Chatting corner is opening soon! Our mission is to provide you with a platform to practice Chinese. During these sessions, everyone will have a chance to be the presenter, to share your interest […]

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Mandarin lesson singapore-Enjoy and learn from it!

Chinese as a second language in Singapore, about a lot of people speak Chinese, but not necessarily proficient in Mandarin. What is the cause of today’s situation it? From the point of view is to set the root of the Singapore Chinese courses caused. Today we analyze about mandarin lesson singapore and mandarin lesson china […]

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Adult chinese lesson-Aiming the future.

Singapore Chinese colloquial and written style, very close, not too big, respectively.”Whatever” in modern Chinese word is spoken, “today”, “long” is written words, but singaporeans do not have this feeling. Adult Chinese lesson Singapore will teach people how to use proper Chinese in daily life.
Structure of utterances “or not”, only used in written language only […]

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Adult chinese lesson-Come on ! enjoy it !

This kind of community, in each area there are in Chinese, the respective new words created using different community, if not add comments, other community is unable to understand.Wang Huidi by time Singapore unique word dictionary, took a lot of Singapore’s community, under the “big” words of community word “thaipusam”, “big BoGong”, “color”, “big color […]

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Mandarin lesson singapore-Learn and enjoy

Singapore is a multiracial country, multicultural. Singapore’s population is mainly composed of four ethnic groups: Chinese,Malays, Indians and other races, and some of Eurasia, the ratio is approximately 75: 17: 3. In such a multi-ethnic Singapore
Nation of immigrants, language is bound to exhibit a wide range of features. Singapore government to adapt multiracial and multicultural […]

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Mandarin lesson singapore-The most popular lesson in SG

Singapore came to life for a long time, someone will ask questions of language and education in Singapore, what about the mandarin lesson Singapore and Mandarin Chinese are not the same. I am here simply to talk about the situation in this regard, for us to know.
Singapore is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, people kind of complex […]

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Mandarin lesson singapore-you will regret to miss it.

Mandarin lesson Singapore Objectives
Mandarin lesson Singapore teaching goal is to train bilingual talent. In the whole process of teaching Chinese to students in the classroom as the center, the teaching of Chinese language teaching and language function in the form of flexible, organically combined, so that students take the initiative to actively participate in meaningful […]

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