These courses are based on the latest Ministry of Education ( MOE) Syllabus, aims to help students reinforce the knowledge acquired at school and to equip students with the strategies and techniques in mastering Chinese language for school examination and lifelong communication.

We have small class size of 6 students maximum. In this way, students have a chance to covey their own ideas. this is beneficial for their Chinese communication skills.

Principle: Understanding first, Pondering over and Practicing effectively
We will teach them and help them analyze the examples and basics first, to let our students know where to focus. After this we will give practices to let them consolidate their learning and make learning effective.

Courses Content:

Vocabulary Expansion

Build up on students’ vocabulary to facilitate the effective understanding and communication, especially on how to use idioms to convey their ideas.


We follow MOE’s learning points strictly for our comprehension lessons. We will give various topics for passage – news article reflection, argumentative, descriptive, narrative essays etc. Students’ composition skills will improve at the same time. We will analyze the passage and show students how to use different formats and methods to write a passage. We will also teach students the significance of moral values through those short stories.

Composition Writing and Letter Writing

To introduce the various writing tactics for composition and letter writing through brainstorming and evaluative sessions.

Courses Outline:

There are two courses for secondary students – Express Chinese and Higher Chinese