We provide a conducive environment for learning. Our holistic education is tailored encompassing various fun elements, such as poetry, limericks, games, songs, theatrical performances and other various means. The objective is to stimulate their desire to embrace the Chinese culture and steer them on the journey of learning Mandarin.

特色课程 Characteristics of curriculum

演讲与戏剧班 Speech and Drama Class (6- 12岁)

Through approaches such as theatrical performances and interactive games, we aim to develop students’ thinking and verbal prowess in the Mandarin language. The objective of this course is to encourage active students who seek greater interests in the practical ability of speaking Mandarin, and boost their confidence in speaking Mandarin.

成语写作班 Chinese Proverbs Class(5-12岁)

This course focuses on the learning of Chinese Proverbs, expanding the students’ vocabulary bank so that they can use them in writing.

创意汉语拼音班 Creative HanYuPinYin Class (4-7岁)

This course focuses on the use of rhythmic patterns, cartoons, games and story-telling, allowing students to learn Mandarin(HanYuPinYin)and its pronunciation with ease and accuracy.

学前趣味识字(2.5-6岁)Pre-school Vocabulary Learning Class

This course focuses on the use of poetry, cartoon, games, etc. to improve Mandarin speaking and listening abilities.