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Creative Chinese Camp

We believe students are motivated to learn through result-oriented methods. Under the unique and targeted training, we aimed at helping students bring out their talents to be Self-confidenceSelf-reliance, and Self-improvement.

If you want to find a Chinese camp, Singapore certainly offers many places somewhere you could take classes. But is there any professional team in Singapore that’s more result-oriented for learning than us? That’s why we chose to focus our efforts on helping every parent to see their children’ ability.

We have prepared interesting camps for you, Why not join us now???

DateOption 1:20 November – 24 November 2017 (Monday – Friday)

Option 2:4 December – 8 December,2017 (Monday – Friday)

Time9:30am – 12:30pm

Fee S$ 460 + S$45

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Students are motivated to learn Chinese through having fun. Under the unique and interactive activities, we aimed at helping students bring out their interests to be Self-confidence, Self-reliance, and Self-improvement on their Chinese learning journey.

We are proud when a student surprises the school teacher with A result in Mandarin he learned with us. When the public school student makes her classmates set up successful experiment because she follows our revisions and previews on Chinese Camps.

Since our founding in 2011, we have the privilege of helping hundreds of students feel more proud of themselves in learning journey. In the years to come, we will keep sharpening the way we teach Chinese. And we will continue to encourage our trainers to be more students-oriented.

So come and subscribe us to join our various and fantastic Chinese camps.


2018 Pre-Primary One Lessons

Dear students, soon you will be going to primary school, do you want to improve your Chinese? We sincerely invite you to our center’s Pre-Primary One lessons.

The lesson consists of five chunks: Learning Through Lessons, Primary One Lessons, Creative Han Yu Pin Yin, Classic Stories and Comprehend Passages.

Students are going to enjoy Chinese learning through storytelling, games and other classroom activities. We’ll start listening and communicating first and then foster interest in Chinese learning. From that way, students learn to cultivate self-learning ability to lay the foundation for future learning.

We hope to hearing from you soon!!!

Date20 November – 1 December, 2017 (Monday – Friday)

Time9:30am – 11:30am

Course for: Students Attending Primary One in January 2018

Fee S$ 418 + S$20

(Apply before 31 October and current students enjoy 10% discount while new students enjoys 5% discount.)

Contact Number62566227, 92972008

Address116 Middle Road # 04-03 ICB Enterprise House S188972


Conversational Mandarin Course 

Group Class

Our Group Classes have a small class size (6 students) so that you get sufficient time and attention from our trainers. In each Group Class, we strive to create a pleasant and personal learning environment that encourages interaction and free-play. 

Group Classes are held ONCE or TWICE a week, with each lesson lasting one and half hours. Registrations are on first come, first served basis. 

Class For: Adult Beginner 

Free Trial Class: 

Course Details: (Duration: 10 lessons/1.5hrs) 

Time: 10am – 11:30 am 

Date: Monday – Friday 

Lesson Fee: $500 

Material Fee: $20 

Registration Fee: $20 



Our Private Classes are designed with flexibility in mind, for students who are unable to commit to a strict learning schedule e.g. frequent flyers or busy corporate clients.  

You will be assigned dedicated trainers who will help to plan and keep track of the learning schedules, and classes can be arranged at a chosen location – whether it is the office or home. 


Chinese Idiom Course 

Chinese idiom mainly was created based on famous events in history, or poems. We will teach them the story behind this idiom, to facilitate students’ memorizing and understanding about the idiom. In this way, they will have more idea about how to use the idiom. 

We will provide students with examples to teach them how to use idioms in compositions. Students will also get exercises that help them to practice the usage of new idioms learnt. 

Come and grab this opportunity to join our course!!! 

Date:20 November – 1 December, 2017 (Monday – Friday) 

Time9:30am – 11:30am 

Course for: Primary & Secondary School Students, International School Students 

Fee S$ 418 + S$20 

(Apply before 31 October and current students enjoy 10% discount while new students enjoys 5% discount.) 

Contact Number62566227, 92972008 

Address116 Middle Road # 04-03 ICB Enterprise House S188972 


Creative Writing Course 

As Writing plays an important role in school Chinese exam, we definitely understand what our parents concern and how our students can improve their writing skill. According to MOE syllabus, we have designed such result-oriented course for you. 

Students are cultivated to learn through team work and Chinese games. The contents are as following: Appreciate the Chinese Literature, Reading articles, Essay Writing & E-mail Writing, Narrative Essays, Movies Appreciation, Comprehension and Summary Skills. 

Date:20 November – 1 December, 2017 (Monday – Friday) 

Time13:30pm – 15:30pm 

Course for: Primary School 

Fee S$ 418 + S$20 

(Apply before 31 October and current students enjoy 10% discount while new students enjoys 5% discount.) 

Contact Number62566227, 92972008 

Address:116 Middle Road # 04-03 ICB Enterprise House S188972