We aim to provide quality facilitation to students to support and accelerate their learning against the dynamic education landscape of Singapore.

The Centre is equipped with a team of qualified ( local graduates) and passionate teachers to ensure quality and effective teaching, with the ultimate aim of instilling intrinsic motivation and interest in students towards learning.

Presently, Chen Xing is serving students from primary to secondary levels, chiefly in Mathematics, as well as GEP and Mathematics Olympiad.

(k2 – S4) Math Olympiad Training Course

The APMOPS has evolved from the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS) that was inaugurated in 1990. APMOPS is organized by Hwa Chong Institution. Due to the level of difficulty and creativity involved, it gains fame in neighbouring SEA countries and its name is change to APMOPS in 2003.

Main objective of the competition is to generate greater interest in Mathematics among pupils in primary schools and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Our centre focuses on cultivating the students’ interests in Mathematics, rapidly improving their problem-solving skills.

P4 – S4 GEP (Maths)

Gifted Education Programme (GEP) is a highly selective academic programme in Singapore. Initially designed to identify the 0.5% of student from each academic year with the highest verbal, mathematical and spatial ability. Now it expands to 1%.

This course aims to equip potential talents with extra mathematical knowledge and problem-solving abilities to excel in school.

(P1 –S4 )Mathematics Course

This course is designed to equipment students with adequate knowledge for excelling CAs, final exams, PSLE and O-level exams.

It focuses on teaching problem-solving methods and at the same time follows MOE Mathematics syllabus.

Students will be able to have advance grasps of concepts before they attend the classes, making their learning processes much more effective.