Adult Mandarin Lesson

Adult Mandarin customised course based on various learning requirements. You can choose to study adult Mandarin in group or by individual. The focus of this course is to understand the Chinese culture and heritage.

成人初级课程 Basic Adult Mandarin Lesson

By using multi-media tools, adult students can learn basic mandarin speaking skill. The Class gain to teach the students about Chinese pronunciation and situational dialogues. Adult students will be able to communicate using Chinese through this class.

成人中级课程 Intermediate Adult Chinese Class

This course is suitable for adult with intermediate level of Chinese proficiency. In this class, we teach Chinese Pinyin. Through this program, students will get the skill of how to use Chinese Pinyin to read stories, newspaper, etc.

成人商务华语 Business (Formal) Adult Mandarin Courses

This course teaches adults Business Mandarin used in corporate settings, i.e. cover letters, reply business emails and presentations.

What is HSK?

The Chinese Proficiency Exam (HSK) is China’s national standardised test for non-native speakers (including foreigners, overseas Chinese and students from Chinese national minority races). It is designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University.

Why do people take HSK exam?

HSK is the only Chinese test for adult learners recognised internationally.HSK examines words and grammar that are commonly used in daily life and in business.