Singapore Chinese colloquial and written style, very close, not too big, respectively.”Whatever” in modern Chinese word is spoken, “today”, “long” is written words, but singaporeans do not have this feeling. Adult Chinese lesson Singapore will teach people how to use proper Chinese in daily life.

Structure of utterances “or not”, only used in written language

only with a double syllable verbs, phrasal verbs or adjectives, behind is equivalent to the spoken language “… no…”.Accurate or not: accurate inaccurate;Consider it or not: does not consider; Adult Chinese lesson Singapore teach people like using Be used or not: do not use;Meet or not: meet not meet.”Or” in addition to use in a double syllable verbs, phrasal verbs or adjectives, behind Singapore Chinese also use behind the monosyllabic verb, single-syllable adjectives: for it or not, fault or not, or not;And oral said so too.”Is written,” use “it” in oral English.Singapore spoken English in addition to use “just”, also use “it”, and with a high frequency.
These different phenomena and mandarin, besides is caused by the special social environment, and we are in no promotion on the basis of modern spoken Chinese. In order to speck good mandarin, we suggest people to have a Adult Chinese lesson Singapore.Don’t use the word in mandarin, such as “postman” and “driver” and “servant”, etc., still use in Singapore.During the Adult Chinese lesson Singapore you will know , all these words are mostly no longer used in Mainland China. This situation also happened in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and the four regions and many vocabulary is used jointly with each other.

Wang Huidi Chinese common phenomenon of the four areas have a very good description:New horse from Hong Kong

Macao and Taiwan to form a pragmatic circle, is the root cause since the founding of the People’s Republic of China to Hong Kong and Macao’s return to the motherland for nearly 50 years, the five countries or regions is the system of capitalism, the different value orientation and same with mainland China. Adult Chinese lesson Singapore will teach people about these history.
Five districts of any new word jargons, produced by a community immediately through the media or spread to the rest of the four areas such as film and television works, can usually have settled in the local, accepted by the local language user, become a common word five area.Secondly, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in a quite long period in history adopted a policy of seclusion, promotion and the use of mandarin basically confined to mainland, within the scope of the general language users with foreign and overseas Chinese association, the of life a lack of understanding of Chinese and overseas Chinese communities abroad. Now, more and more people study Adult Chinese lesson Singapore, that means this language is more and more popular than other languages.
New horse from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is another world, the same social system, more developed science and technology, information communication in time, folk and freedom, therefore, long-term in a state of active interaction and complementary language, words, frequent and extensive nature of communication. That’s the point of Adult Chinese lesson Singapore . Wang li when discussing passive sentences, said a such words:Generally speaking, the grammatical structure in written language only.In the spoken language, the passive basic role is still unhappy or unpleasant things…….

So, accept the influence of the foreign language grammar there is a limit

It can be # to a certain extent affect the written language (because suited to the needs of the Chinese language itself), but, in general speaking, history for # still occupy the important position.For thousands of years of habit, not suddenly can change to come over.But, in view of the situation of the Singapore Chinese, because there is no common, mature, on the basis of the spoken language is the establishment of a common written language, so Singapore Chinese spoken language under the influence of foreign language (English), written is far more than the impact.”By” words are widely used in oral English, like “the road has been repaired” and so on high frequency, is Singapore Chinese spoken language is influenced by alien phenomenon. The influence is also very important, Adult Chinese lesson Singapore will improve this during the class.
Influenced by foreign languages, Singapore’s spoken and written mandarin, and even more, and China is different.Different social environments can produce different divergence tendency of language.Because unconsciously follow their own culture, language, habits, or consciously to maintain their own culture, language, habits, mutations occur naturally when it in the application of language.
The divergence of language is a kind of unconscious behavior, of course, also can be consciously active behavior, and the convergence of language is a kind of passive behavior.So, the divergence of Singapore Chinese nature is hard to avoid.The divergence, respectively in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and pragmatics four aspects. Adult Chinese lesson Singapore will teach people about these elements. All these elements are very inmportant to combined in a sentence. Phonology, Singapore Chinese because affected by the dialect of rushing, the so-called channel 5.The channel of the phonological features, Chen zhou yu to do the following description:A. Is a cadency, tone value usually 51, sometimes is 53. B. It is shorter, listen to “interrupt” # to feel. C. take the tone syllable has a glottal stop the terminal;Sometimes this terminal is clear, sometimes is fuzzy.
The plosive terminal not only shortened the tonal duration, also enables head vowel syllable consonant is a forte, thus the approximate voiced consonant.Look from the syllable structure characteristics, mandarin first word is the most easy to read as “channel”;A third word the most not easy to read into “channel”.Unit rhyme mother is the most easy to read as “channel”;Triad vowel finals word did not appear in the “channel” law.Rusheng dialect ‘-p’ tail word read into channel than ‘-t’ tail of the word, ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘- k -endings exist at least.Min Yin into words and Yang into the words read into “channel” the frequency of no significant difference between the two.However, after 20 years of efforts, the channel in the Chinese is gone.That is to say, Chinese voice, more and more to the Chinese mandarin. So Adult Chinese lesson Singapore is necessary.

I in the multi-lingual environment language program focus to think and face the problem

and talk about Hong Kong can learn something “in the article, said:We will through the mass media, education, Chinese maintain within the scope of the standard.If the Singapore Chinese compared with those of other Chinese area now believe we are fairly standard. In order to have a better communicaiton enviroment with Chinese people, the goverment suggests people to take an Adult Chinese lesson Singapore. This “fairly standard” is stressed in speech aspects.Singapore Chinese and mandarin common basic vocabulary system didn’t mutate, handed down through the ages by dialect vocabulary is still preserved, but because the environment is different, each other, there is difference.In terms of vocabulary, grammar and pragmatics, the same is still the mainstream, the status of the difference is relative.