Singapore came to life for a long time, someone will ask questions of language and education in Singapore, what about the mandarin lesson Singapore and Mandarin Chinese are not the same. I am here simply to talk about the situation in this regard, for us to know.

Singapore is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, people kind of complex social states.

Which accounted for 70% of Chinese, the other followed by Malays, Indians and Eurasians.
Mandarin Singapore is Malay, English and Mandarin. Malay and Tamil are the official languages. English as the language of administration, become the national common language, and is considered a fashion. English is the official language of business, and most Singaporeans, especially the younger generation can speak English fluently. In addition, most Singaporeans are proficient in this nation’s language. From 1984 onwards, the Government requires that all schools should be a gradual transition to teaching English as a first language, ethnic language teaching as a second language, in order to strengthen the integration of all ethnic groups and improve the efficiency of social affairs.

It is understood that, in the early 1970s

the government advocated ethnic Chinese origin who speak Mandarin, expected to take several measures: promotion in schools, radio stations, shops, and bus BUS in: (1) government officials must speak openly of Chinese Mandarin ; (2) Chinese students to play a Chinese name; (3) in addition to new buildings outside the English name must be the name of the Chinese; (4) the use of simplified Chinese.(5) join to mandarin lesson Singapore
Supermarkets in Singapore, vendors (Pasar), shopping centers, BUS car body and MRT tunnel walls and other advertising, top with the English words: “Speak Mandarin is a blessing, not lose!” “You are now talking about Chinese it? “This is the propaganda of the cultural sector in Singapore, it marks the determination of the Government of Singapore to promote mandarin lesson Singapore . The Singapore Government has a dedicated specification standard Mandarin Chinese committee, put some vocabulary standardization, published in Chinese-language newspapers, and to use pinyin for phonetic characters.
However, in the school mandarin lesson Singapore, Chinese students learning Chinese language only as a subject to all the big Singapore, schools are teaching English as their first language. Although there is a Chinese-dominated society, but the people in order to maintain their advantage, their emphasis on Chinese language, while English is still undeniable that the first language here.
Recently, with the government school teacher Re friends chat, they talked about the case of Singapore, teaching students to mandarin lesson, she took a pessimistic tone, said: “! Singapore another 20 years, I am afraid that the Chinese language would disappear.”
Phrase sounds a little extreme, but for now we do these Chinese teacher’s personal experience, I think that these words are not unfounded friend.

Let’s take a look at some of the current situation.

Take a trip to the library, you’ll find that most people are to read English books, reading Chinese books, mostly in middle-aged people; in every bookstore, people mostly buy English books; in other public places, including at the hawker center, fast food restaurants, bus and subway car, if anyone reading newspapers or books, most also are in English, occasionally ran into someone in reading Chinese books, it really is a surprise.
Speak Mandarin Campaign Singapore has for 20 years, from primary to high school examinations, excellent performance of Chinese students are also very much, even so, the Singapore Chinese student education curriculum is still a mess. Because, in the concept of the parents, the children learn Chinese in order to study, Chinese good results does not mean they have really mastered the language. In general, the mandarin lesson Singapore , it should be very interested in the Chinese language, however, the reality is, they are Chinese but it is at arm’s length.
I think the current way of Singapore Chinese Exam easily convey the wrong message – learning Mandarin, the most important goal is to get a higher grade.
“This time the Chinese COURSE, you just test to good results, then went easily, do not read Chinese it!” “My poor child in mandarin lesson Singapore grade, they said poor intonation is (insert), the way we to all speak English. “some parents say their children and the teacher said this, I have heard countless times. Their message is nothing but English-speaking family social higher level.
OMG! But we Mandarin Chinese language, just as millions of people around the world in order to understand the Chinese culture and in the effort to learn our language, our fellow was so treat ethnic Chinese Mandarin.
Most people believe that this situation with too much emphasis on English society as a whole are closely related. In fact, here is the language indeed divided society level. It would appear that it flattering. This is the status quo, oh how sad!
Currently, Singapore is actively creating a culture of lifelong learning. Unfortunately, this study did not seem to relate to the Chinese. Fortunately, my parents and some students have a long-term vision, know the main battlefield of the future of society and economy in China, they would rather spend the money to spend time Chinese effort to allow our children to learn mandarin lesson Singapore. Chinese teachers really our motivation.