Mandarin lesson Singapore Objectives
Mandarin lesson Singapore teaching goal is to train bilingual talent. In the whole process of teaching Chinese to students in the classroom as the center, the teaching of Chinese language teaching and language function in the form of flexible, organically combined, so that students take the initiative to actively participate in meaningful Chinese language communication activities, learned in the use of Chinese language course Chinese grammar, obtain a foreign language, in order to train students to be fluent in Mandarin to communicate appropriately for the main purpose of teaching.

Set in Mandarin lesson Singapore

In Singapore, the first language must be English, a second language is the national language (Mandarin). Government schools pass in English and Mandarin. Majority of the population naturally Chinese school teaching English and Mandarin. Both courses start from the first grade until high school graduation, the students read and write Chinese graduates must pass each level, otherwise there is no chance the university entrance exam. Thus, setting and implementing bilingual education programs are built around such policies and expanded. Singapore, for example pre-school institutions in the curriculum, the teaching content in English class and Mandarin lesson Singapore are synchronized, such as: to recognize and read in English class “ap le”, Chinese lesson is to recognize and read the “Apple”; English class on “One , two, thre “, Chinese lesson appeared:” One, two, three. “These courses are made progress in the development of the school, the teacher is to execute it. In the classroom language, the Singapore Chinese curriculum requires teachers must use Mandarin taught English as a last resort assistance. And activity classes, if it is to lead the Chinese teachers, the school hopes to use the Chinese language teachers, but not mandatory in Mandarin.
Teaching requirements of Mandarin lesson Singapore
Those who write in English textbooks for each subject, the teacher in the classroom lectures are in English; the use of Mandarin teaching materials and school
Families, teachers using Mandarin lectures. That is the teaching of English as a first language, in addition to the Mandarin lesson Singapore school curriculum and ethics courses taught using Mandarin
In addition, the remaining courses are generally taught in English. Mathematics, science, and most of the other subjects are taught in English, and only with the basic values of the relevant training courses before teaching Mandarin as a professor with the Mandarin “good citizen” in Mandarin (and English) Professor “Confucian ethic” “Buddhism knowledge” in Malay The Professor “Islamic knowledge.” In this way, students learn too
Process related not only learned the basics but also to ensure that the bilingual learning.

Mandarin lesson Singapore teaching program

Singapore, the vast majority of English teaching from kindergarten, the use of the United States or Canada, enlightenment textbook publishing. Primary use of certain materials in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Education Curriculum Development Department. After 1991 years of the revised new syllabus, emphasizing communication-based, to promote the development of children’s intelligence, inspiring critical thinking, listening and speaking skills in areas such as reading and writing. Singapore Education Act, pre-school preparation phase to recruit at least 5 years old children, the school system for one year. Pre-school preparation stage a year for 10 years to enter the part of the children’s special aid program in primary schools established.

Its purpose is to help

Children acquire skills in English and Mandarin, and to the teachings of their Asian values. Teaching at this stage will help children to formal primary education stage ready. Basic education, including grade 1-4 school age is 6 years old. This phase will focus on basic reading and writing skills and numeracy skills, the core curriculum is in English, Mandarin and mathematics. Nearly 80 percent of instructional time for core courses to help students lay a good solid foundation in both language and mathematics. Grade 5-6 for directional phase. Students according to their ability, respectively, into the flow of learning three languages. The end of Year 6 directional stage, all students participate in the revised primary school graduation exam, those who pass into the secondary stage. Based on test scores and students’ language abilities and interests, respectively, into the three kinds of student courses. Ability of students to enter the four-year curriculum and quickly selected courses, students can enter the rest of the ordinary course of 4-5 years. Selected courses have academic ability and language ability of students to learn English and the mother tongue at the same time with senior levels of education. Fast Track is a tendency to have a scholarship, will study in English and Mandarin students settings. Selected courses and streams of different students, the curriculum stream students in English as a first language, while the Mandarin lesson Singapore as a second language. Taking into account the tendency of some students representing academic weak, at present, the general curriculum is divided into general academic curriculum and general technology courses for students to choose from. The main university after high school with a full English teaching, Mandarin lesson Singapore is completed in schools.