China Overseas Network News: Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao,” May 2, said a signed commentary, Mandarin lesson Singapore of study and popularization of Chinese heritage and improve, that we love and dedication for the Chinese. Singapore Chinese discuss course materials and teaching methods play a supporting role, but the system is students, parents and teachers on the basis of behavior, is the key.
Expand the prior three months, the annual Speak Mandarin Campaign. This year’s TV advertising creative use of the foreign children speak Mandarin. Theme is very novel, cute kids also successfully attracted my attention. In addition, the “Chinese? Afraid! “Gordon is also the subject of some newspapers. Prompted me to happily participate in the “Chinese? Afraid! “Guess the title game on a 12-week official website to challenge their Chinese level . After a recent bus station, you can enjoy a well-designed study Chinese advertising. Screen chic and elegant, profound meaning. This makes the footsteps of Mandarin lesson Singapore accelerated curriculum.

The annual O standard oral Chinese will prepare the same topic – Why do we have to learn Mandarin lesson Singapore in school? There are three standard answer is usually:
First, due in Singapore, English is the common language between all races, but also the main teaching medium of language, so many Chinese and Chinese lopsided, understanding and feelings of Chinese gradually fade. The Speak Mandarin Campaign reminds us that although English is the international bridges, but as the Chinese say how we should all drink from the source, to recognize their fundamental. We are Chinese, Mandarin is essential to our mother tongue, so you want to learn Mandarin lesson Singapore right and proper course.
Second, the rise in today’s China, rapid economic development, and especially by a corresponding rise in Chinese national attention. In fact, the importance of the Chinese language, in addition to economic considerations, the cultural connotations behind Chinese, traditional values, but we need to retain and heritage. But if our language education did not make appropriate adjustments, the Chinese did not revert to an important position and thus lose the driving force, parents and students will continue to despise Chinese, the “low level of Chinese” worry we will always linger Chinese school Mandarin lesson Singapore in order to have its uses in the future society.
Third, China Chinese culture has a long history, profound cultural heritage and learn Chinese self-cultivation, cultivate sentiments. As the saying goes, “ten trees, takes a hundred years.”

Anything always defective. Unfortunately, the Mandarin lesson Singapore, the local Chinese school sports always thunder, little rain in. Wet spots of land, not really penetrate. The real reason? After analyzing the conclusions drawn about: learning Chinese students from schools from start. Singapore Chinese teaching plan should be a long-term construction projects.

Review school teaching requirements for Mandarin lesson Singapore, often will find the text and writing of touch, out of touch and examination of the phenomenon of text. Lesson learned the words used in writing not immediate, since the students to write essay often unable to start, lacking in substance, the word poor. Texts and examination of touch, less demanding test, not encourage students to study in detail the central idea of the text, the wording of rhetoric, writing style, author, etc. motive, but only know a few words more superficial only.

From primary school to learn Mandarin lesson Singapore in Singapore school should be a gradual process, rather than a short-term behavior. But too often the local O standards, Chinese learning even went terminals. Senior Chinese students learning courses are no longer admitted to the hospital after the beginning of the Chinese language courses, polytechnics as well. Such Mandarin courses undoubtedly halfway.

Singapore Senior school, Mandarin lesson Singapore to learn new students learning Chinese at the secondary level must be very hard very hard, and their O-Level Examination results will be very good Chinese, but their Chinese learning has since discontinued. Years later took to the community, they can rekindle the passion you learn Chinese? When into the community, they even in almost four Chinese foundation lost.

However, many parents let their children choose to learn Mandarin lesson Singapore at senior Singapore on primary or secondary purpose is to once and for all when the examinations to terminate the study and Chinese lessons in O level exam points. This practical snobbish behavior deplorable, but also resulted in parents and children to learn Chinese prejudice, for examination and read Chinese, did not meet the real purpose of learning the Chinese language.
Mid fundamental reason: reasonable written course materials and the Mandarin lesson Singapore words quantify each stage is a gradual long-term project, and assessment system and the Singapore Chinese studies curriculum standards affecting local Chinese students to learn the key.

In a word, the Mandarin lesson Singapore requires government, schools, parents actively cooperate