First, the differences between Chinese lesson and Mandarin lesson Singapore
Chinese district, is meant to include outside Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China with a Chinese communication areas. Mandarin lesson Singapore in these areas , before China’s reform and opening up, have little or no direct influence by the Chinese Mandarin. Each region in their own community communication needs. Based on the Chinese to develop their own.
The main area for the Chinese native Mandarin lesson Singapore dialect varies, senior administrative language is not the same in all regions, but have not experienced anything like Chinese society. Those changes have experienced, and therefore, the gap between the various regions of Chinese appearance, also appeared gap between Chinese and Mandarin regions. Each Chinese. The gap between Chinese and Mandarin area, both on the performance of the voice, but also in vocabulary and grammar.
Here, we focus only on the observed gap between Mandarin lesson Singapore and Mandarin Chinese. These gaps can be divided into several aspects narrative.
First, the Mandarin lesson Singapore of Chinese pronunciation
Although the Singapore Chinese pronunciation, in Mandarin prevail, before the establishment of diplomatic relations in the new, all in accordance with Chinese pronunciation of “Modern Chinese Dictionary” phonetic, also accepted Pinyin, but because there is no standard spoken language, based on the Mandarin lesson Singapore Chinese pronunciation there have been some features, such as no children of lack softly, the severity of the sentence did not sound like. There are some remains of the old pronunciation of words, such as “holiday”, “rest”, although Tube in language education, we have to “Modern Chinese Dictionary” phonetic as the standard, but the old pronunciation still retain a considerable degree in the elderly Mouth. “Funny” and “slippery” There are still a lot of people read the “bone.” But on the whole it seems, is closer to ordinary Mandarin lesson Singapore than in other parts of the Chinese words.
Second, the characteristics of the Mandarin lesson Singapore vocabulary
A Singapore-specific areas of new words
Singapore region specific things exist, or emerging things need to express, and Mandarin actually no proper vocabulary, thus need to create new words, such as “rambutan, Kelong, broth, carnivals, consolidate, HDB, car ownership certificate / weekend car, getting money,” etc., are by
To the emergence of new things or new system, due to the need to create a new vocabulary while. We manufacture new words based on Chinese word formation, if there is no way to root According to the Chinese word formation coinage, and on the use of transliteration or translation approach. Through these three ways made out of new words for the Chinese district has, and with the first one of the new term that is used to create the largest Chinese word formation.
Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions have a “buffet”, the mainland’s “Modern Chinese Dictionary”, but to the 2002 edition, was in the “self” word. By closing the word as a separate entry. Because the continent have a “buffet” of this new thing, on the introduction of the word from the Chinese area. By 2005 Edition of “Modern Chinese Dictionary”, add “self-help” to this entry, the following cited “buffet, buffet tourism”, for example outside, but also to retain the “buffet” column as a separate article.
A new things also occur in other regions, so that the words would get the opportunity to spread the proliferation of such regional words become common to use the Chinese language word. 2005 edition of “Modern Chinese Dictionary” received a “win-win”, “litter bugs, junk stocks, junk mail,” and so on, these words into the general then, are examples of regional Mandarin Chinese words to proliferation.
However, Singapore’s unique words “HDB, consolidate, car ownership certificate / weekend car” and the like, if no other area of these new things matter, there is no chance proliferation, it may always be unique words in Mandarin lesson Singapore.
2, with real words synonyms
Chinese region has things named each region is different. These words are still in common with the Chinese word formation. Such as Taiwan the “MRT”, “love (AIDS) disease,” “homes for the elderly”, “fast food (instant) face” and so on, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places of “unfinished (F) “,” blue collar “(” Modern Chinese Dictionary “2002 edition included the term began.),” Sandwich “,” container “,” Fire”, “Suffering, “” Senior “, etc., are the same real synonym words. These different names with real words, but also the word community. These different names with real words, For communication between the Chinese region, may cause an unnecessary burden.
Frequent exchanges between Chinese district, making words with real gradual convergence of different names. Singapore’s “mobile phone”, Hong Kong’s “Big Brother Big “, gradually the mainland’s” phone “replaced; Chinese district” computer “Clearly there is more vitality, and gradually replaced the continent’s” Calculation machine. “Singapore’s”,” Senior “is obviously more than” “elegant. No wonder the past few years, the publication mainland but also to” aging seniors, “named and “Senior” related things, such as “Senior Village”, “Senior Club”, “Senior Week” and so on, but also tends to spread. Singapore the “guest worker” than “foreign workers” more humane, have gradually spread. Singapore’s “special” to modify adjectives, verbs, gradually
Gave way to the continent’s “special.” Chinese school teachers use “special good”, “large”, “special wish” of these years, a substantial increase in Mandarin lesson Singapore.