Deal with differences in strategies of Mandarin lesson Singapore
Language variation and its regional variations are inevitable. But in order to achieve the purpose of communication, the language must remain relatively stable, retain the common core. We believe that the Mandarin lesson Singapore application and development, not the decision in Singapore, but decided in the Mandarin lesson Singapore. Thus, the difference in processing measures, we try to emphasize both Mandarin move closer to China’s specification as standard, to preserve the common Chinese core; we also emphasis on strengthening the exchange, so the language is more natural blend. We believe that treatment should start from a few differences in the following areas:
One, Mandarin lesson Singapore in terms of the standard language
We Chinese are standards-based, both in pronunciation, vocabulary or grammar, have to try to make Mandarin lesson Singapore closer, let Chinese and Mandarin retain common core. We believe that in the situation of reform and opening up, the trend of globalization, Mandarin expand the influence, it is difficult to avoid. Mandarin expand its influence over the Chinese to move closer to each other, so that the common core of the original Chinese have more solid, which is Mandarin development, it should be said to be very beneficial .
Frequent exchanges make the language influence each other, mutual absorption, this and previous isolated situation, very different. Mandarin Chinese for the country. The increasing influence, it is difficult to avoid the exchange. Mandarin lesson Singapore recently appeared “out of status” and “status”, “single counterparts Bit “and” counterparts “do not even say” generally good “and said” very broad “and so on usage; Practical continent in the” Dear XX “usage is increasingly accepted by Chinese area. These are the impact of Mandarin Chinese for each region. Mandarin lesson Singapore used in the” first time inter “is written in the affected Hong Kong, mainland media as” the first time “a lot. The results of verbal communication, you will be there .I have you phenomenon.
After China’s reform and opening up, because the application needs, and language contact with the outside world, frequent Chinese, Mandarin lesson Singapore, and other poor regions distance is gradually narrowing. Influx of new words for the Chinese Mandarin language in the new district, the gradual emergence of new forms of expression in written continent, which Mandarin also emerged a new look.
However, the variation is inevitable. Therefore, we must to change in Mandarin lesson Singapore, including language textbooks, teacher training, and the mass media, etc. Context, we emphasize convergence, let Chinese retain the common core, to avoid differences. In other words, a large area of influence, we are strict Georgia checks. We employ experts as mainland Chinese textbook consultant, introduced Mandarin language education professionals, media personnel and encourage the Mandarin lesson Singapore dumping Oblique, try to move closer to the Chinese.
Second, to strengthen the study of the Chinese language
To convergence, we must first know where the differences, it may deal with differences. At this need, we launched a Chinese teacher voice Training, also began vocabulary, grammar study Mandarin. Recent research results, there is “age-specific dictionary Singapore”, “the Singapore Chinese vocabulary grammar”, Tertiary institutions also offer Mandarin lesson Singapore, improve language education knowledge of language differences.
So from China Singapore language teachers to teach, as well as language teachers of local origin, are aware of these gaps in teaching should know how to deal with these differences distance.
Foreign language teaching staff of the Chinese culture, but also must have a good understanding in this regard, to a new situation in the Mandarin lesson Singapore, the better for Chinese language teaching. We Chinese people, the future may live and work in different Chinese area, they must also have the appropriate for Chinese around the understanding. In the past, Chinese language researchers, for Chinese around do not quite understand, “Modern Chinese Dictionary” charge only “Durian” is a typical example. The concept of “big Chinese” now being proposed, but also attention, is a good sign. Hope that this concept can be specific of implementing the codification of language teaching materials to the actual work of Chinese teachers training to go.
Three, edit “Global Chinese Dictionary”
Chinese Language Dictionaries past its emphasis on standardized, to a considerable extent ignore The need for descriptive dictionary and practicality. Dictionary compilers Mandarin eyes focused on the lack of concern for the Chinese overseas Chinese, the thinking is still confined to the “little Chinese”, rather than “big Chinese “.This kind of thinking, the development of Chinese language is unfavorable.
After China’s reform and opening up, a lot of modern technology, politics, economy, education, finance, legal, and so a new vocabulary, a large number are from various Chinese region
Into the mainland. How to deal with these new words, how to deal with Mandarin lesson Singapore, have to stand in the position to observe globalization. This is to maintain the Chinese
And the common core aspects of Mandarin Chinese language workers should consider.