Chinese lessons are practical in Singapore. On Sept. 14, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported that the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Department of Communications and the Chief Minister Shen Ying noted that countries bilingual education policies are challenged to effectively assist young people in Singapore bilingual teaching in addition to ensuring with the times, parents and civil society should play an active role.

Why Chinese lesson Singapore is so important?

Bilingual education is to challenge Singaporeans increasingly use English at home, this situation impact on language teaching and learning. The Ministry of Education and the Department of Communications and the Chief Minister Shen Ying believes that the key challenge is to ensure that teaching coping with the times, in addition to the efforts of the school, parents and civil society should play an active role.
East Asia Summit, “bilingual education policy and practice” seminar held at Suntec City on the 13th, Shen Ying is one special guest. Her speech, said:. “In Singapore, for example, in the context of changing family has more people at home instead of using the English native speakers compared with the past, today’s students of varying ability mother tongue..”
Shen Ying added that local teachers in order to strengthen the effectiveness of student learning mother tongue, have been adjusting teaching according to the changing social conditions and family contexts. The Ministry of Education held its second session of the Native Learning Forum in Suntec City on the public to learn more about the school to promote the implementation of mother-tongue education and a variety of cutting-edge creative pedagogy.

Professor Wu Yingcheng Singapore National Institute of Education

director of the Culture Department of Asian language speakers one of the panel discussions. He briefed the participants pilot scheme launched in local schools in 2002, “with Chinese bilingual teaching.” The pedagogy from mainly for English-speaking families, weak capacity of Chinese students. Wuying Cheng pointed out in an interview that the pilot scheme has now come to an end, but still lack a deeper study of teacher training and systematic. That is Chinese lesson Singapore.
She told the Ministry of Education by the advisory explained that bilingual teaching has been integrated with the Chinese National Institute of Education curriculum, but the Ministry of Education did not follow up on how teachers use this teaching in the classroom.
In recent years, with the steady development of China’s economy and overall national strength continued to strengthen Singapore’s increasingly feel the importance of learning Chinese. Under the government’s advocate, teaching Chinese Ministry of Education conducted a thorough review and decided to gradually adopt new materials and new teaching methods, focusing on the back from the past to write the exam, I heard that reading into focus, and enhance Chinese practicality.

Advance the training of teachers to increase the “Import” course

In late November, in order to meet with the new Chinese textbooks, which 25 pilot primary school Chinese teachers have been trained. Depending on the curriculum, teachers can use different teaching aids, such as “word baby” card and a similar set of audio and video courseware Kara OK. Some Chinese teachers surveyed believe that the new Chinese textbooks cater to different students’ language skills and attention to hear read, theme life, plain text brisk, lively illustrations, can increase the interest of students learning Chinese.

Chinese lesson Singapore

-Reporters interviewed the Singapore school principal language of love horses Miss Zhang Meixiang, she engaged in Chinese education for many years. According to her, compared with the previous Chinese textbooks, the new Chinese textbooks biggest feature is the addition of the “Import” course. The so-called “import” course, is based on the student’s ability in different languages, with different packet-learning courses, which accounted for 30% of all part of the course curriculum, while the remaining 70% is common with everyone on the course.
Mei Xiang Zhang believes that Singapore’s Chinese student varies, but the “Import” courses students can take care of the differences in language proficiency. For example, some students speaking ability is not strong, they can enhance their training in spoken language learning in groups; some students Chinese level better, they can learn a bit of Chinese advanced materials. She said, “students can take advantage of the 30% of the time trying to do different, this is the biggest change.”

Chinese lesson Singapore -Text inspire curious phrase often rhyme

Yibiao Ke, director of Singapore’s Nanyang Primary Chinese in an interview with local media, said the new Chinese textbooks for children living closer to the experience and interests of students prone to resonate. For example, he said the new textbooks in the “bag of words” and “heavenly elephant” These two texts, the title itself suspense can stimulate children’s curiosity. He said, “Students see the” bag of words “must be thinking ‘how schoolbag speak?’, See the” elephant in the sky “would ask, ‘how in heaven there is an elephant?’ Natural desire to find answers will guide them to read article, and then discovered that the “bag of words” with the anthropomorphic approach, the sky is cloud elephant, with a metaphor. ”
Yibiao Ke also said that the new textbooks often rhyme phrases, such as “rabbits over the bridge, go take a look around the bridge. Small rabbit ran back, standing bridge handle trick ……” It’s easy on the mouth. He believes that the illustrations plus catchy text, can improve students’ interest in reading, and conducive to learning.
It is reported that from next year, the new Chinese textbooks will be formally extended to the first and second year of all primary schools in 2008 to third and fourth grade of all primary schools in 2009 to fifth grade to sixth grade in 2010. Chinese lesson Singaporeare practical.