Chinese lesson Singapore is very important because Chinese accounted for 77% of the population, most of Chinese can speak Chinese, and Chinese language in the circulation rate is very high in People’s Daily life.Sums up small make up, the importance of Chinese lesson Singapore curriculum, it is the following:

1. Chinese lesson Singapore curriculum and the influence of the steady development of Chinese economy

Singapore Chinese or Chinese language, Chinese, refers to the circle of Chinese Singaporeans a with local characteristics of the widespread use of the modern standard Chinese.Is in addition to English, is the most used language in daily communication in Singapore.In recent years, as China’s comprehensive national strength increasing and economic development, Singapore also increasingly aware of the importance of the Chinese language course;Due to the government actively advocates haveing chinese lesson in singapore, and the ministry of education also began a deep review and improve the teaching of Chinese, before teaching comparison pay attention to students’ rote learning and exam, after the reform, has been turned into heard and read, thus greatly increase the practicability of the Chinese language.
Chinese lesson Singapore are mainly divided into two kinds, one is standard mandarin, grammar and vocabulary usage and China; Another is Singaporean Chinese, it is more colloquial, inclusion among the English, hokkien, Malay, cantonese and hakka.

2. China’s large new immigrants to Chinese lesson Singapore are closely related

In recent years, a large number of Chinese immigrants in Singapore, the utilization rate of the Chinese language in daily life is becoming more and more high.Even more and more Singaporeans of mandarin Chinese is becoming more and more to China. Many in this environment, Chinese lesson Singapore becomes more and more important.

3. The students of the positive attitude of the Chinese language to make Chinese lesson Singapore is more important

Lianhe zaobao made a “Chinese learning investigation”, the object is 400 Chinese students, 53% of them feel Chinese is better than English, 97% think speak mandarin is a proud thing, there are more than 55% of the communicate in mandarin and their own parents and brothers and sisters.So Chinese lesson Singapore is an essential part of the students in the learning subjects.Singapore and China’s trade increasingly frequent today, Singapore companies and professionals to find business opportunities in China, in a further proof that how important it is to learn Chinese lesson in Singapore.

4. The prospect of Chinese optimism makes Chinese lesson Singapore is necessary

Lianhe zaobao and (daily readers did not reduce, but a lot more than before.Is not only the old man kept the habit of reading Chinese language newspaper, today’s young people, as well as mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong’s Singapore Chinese new immigrants in reading the newspaper, plus two major newspaper reported improvements on content and the content of the instant, let the reader more to see the new information in the first place.
As can be seen from the above points, Chinese lesson Singapore in the future study only will be more and more important