Singapore is a multiracial country, multicultural. Singapore’s population is mainly composed of four ethnic groups: Chinese,Malays, Indians and other races, and some of Eurasia, the ratio is approximately 75: 17: 3. In such a multi-ethnic Singapore
Nation of immigrants, language is bound to exhibit a wide range of features. Singapore government to adapt multiracial and multicultural conditions required
To gradually formed a Mandarin lesson Singapore policy today, Singapore has its own characteristics. Mandarin lesson Singapore for Singapore-based education system
Stone, on the development of Singapore’s education has made tremendous contributions.
According to the Singapore government’s national conditions, in order to respect the history of all races, promote various ethnic cultures, the implementation of the ten
Sub-wise mainly in English, minor in Native bilingual education policy that not only learn English, but also to learn Mandarin lesson Singapore
A bilingual education curriculum standards:

(a) a bilingual curriculum

Singapore’s bilingual education model implemented is a three-way split, that the operation of bilingual education in conjunction with a shunt
Singapore-style plays a bilingual teaching. Its basic spirit, but the teaching of English as a first language, the official regulations Given students speak Mandarin, Malay and Tamil these native language, as a second language teaching (except 10% of the best school Outside of Health), that English is the language of instruction for most of the course of study, learning English in learning other subjects, while the Mandarin lesson Singapore ,The main language is the language of education programs with the aim of understanding the value of the national culture, to keep tradition.


bilingual program
Both English and Mandarin lesson Singapore lesson Singapore as a first language (first language stream); 2. EM2- English as their first language, the Mandarin for the first
Two languages (second language stream); 3. EM3- English as their first language, native mainly to hear conversation (third language stream).
After graduating from elementary school students enter high school based on grades and entered three bilingual learning lesson shunt: 1. Selected double Language courses, the top 10% of students in two languages minor examinations (both first language standard); 2. Fast and bilingual programs, will 30% of students in the minor optimum test two languages (English as a first language was a second language level); 3, general bilingual courses .After the examination of the remaining 40% of the students, a minor in two languages ( Mandarin lesson Singapore level where they drop first-class requirements).
University High School after the main teaching with full English. The Mandarin lesson Singapore main second language in schools is completed, completed the double in schools
Language teaching tasks, and heavily skewed towards English, so this mode is also called academic bilingual education model an unbalanced, but
It’s a three-way split and bilingual education curriculum classification has its characteristics. Thus the country learn from it.

(C) The overall goal of bilingual programs

Target current Mandarin lesson Singapore policy summarized as follows: to ensure that students are bilingual capabilities through the school system; promote as
Neutral language – the use of English so that all racial equality competition; promote the use of Mandarin lesson Singapore in order to ensure that the traditional culture and Values, understanding and recognition. Bilingual education purpose is to ensure that every student is proficient in the mother tongue, and for this some understanding of the nation’s cultural heritage, while most countries in the world to master common English. This will not only enable students to get to know
Own country, more importantly, enable them to be better to get to know the world and share the world’s resources.

(D) Mandarin lesson Singapore program

Singapore education Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English four kinds of official languages, but no race, language, Religion, gender differences and socio-economic backgrounds. Parents are free to choose any language for children to learn the language of instruction School. Singapore government is committed to the establishment of a united multi-racial society, and therefore emphasizes learning languages and mixed. The establishment of the school. Each student needs to learn a second language, and the school as much as possible the use of a second language to teach certain courses Away. Each government schools are mixed culture teaching, so that two or more languages and students can flow in the same school or the same
A department work together to participate in extracurricular activities. The Government’s policy is fair to education in four languages flow assurance in the education setting. Home and teachers are equal levels, supply of equipment and finances are the same. In a variety of languages to complete their studies by flow
Academic and professional qualifications obtained are entitled to the same opportunity to enter higher education institutions and into the community employment.

E) main content

According to the target language policy, the policy provides for the creation of bilingual education for students in two languages, one door is in English, the other
A Mandarin lesson singapore .Singapore to help students learn and master bilingual, bilingual courses taken strong measures. Primary school English, math, science and technology, high school English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography and other subjects taught. Material written in English, the mother tongue, civic and moral education in primary and secondary school textbooks and other disciplines using native language. Mandarin lesson Singapore learning students in each course is compulsory.