In Singapore, may not have any education policy than how Mandarin lesson Singapore and English bilingual education programs (hereinafter referred to as bilingual education) so that the Ministry of Education more headache.
In a sense, the Mandarin lesson Singapore policy is one of the reasons for Singapore’s economic take-off in the past, will also be an important factor in determining future competitiveness as well as political, social and economic development of Singapore. It is no wonder why the bilingual education policy, the media and the public has always been a hot topic of discussion. Now the discussion, summed up mainly from the two camps, one continues to insist on English as the main language of instruction, supplemented by other Chinese. This camp discussion focused on a variety of complex system design, and its purpose is to students in English is superb; the other camp also want students English is superb, but they want to name the Chinese, do not let the Chinese just as a minor exist.

From a personal point of view

the debate on these two camps no substantive significance, because they want the common goal to achieve, namely students English is superb, there may be a problem. Under such a goal, no matter what kind of system design, the final may have been less effective. Although I am not government, but I have very painful bilingual learning experience, even now also been plagued by a bilingual question, I hope my experience can provide a new approach for the design of Mandarin lesson Singapore system.
Bilingual difficult to have reached the level of the mother tongue
I am 22 years old to leave China, to Singapore for further studies. And peers, I was in junior high school first grade started to learn English, has learned graduation. Although previous English exam, including Chinese College English four, six English exam, have achieved excellent results, but arrived in Singapore in the first year, so I really listen to myself, speaking, reading, lack of ability to write deeply distressed. With further study, I feel more and more the language is not learned in school to learn the language by the way you can learn and master. Therefore, Mandarin lesson Singapore learning is not just to master in school.

Between Mandarin lesson Singapore

English lesson is not just the difference between vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, hidden in between is a huge difference on the philosophy and way of thinking. Want to learn English, need to be fully immersed in the English environment, forget the Chinese habit of thinking and expression. Also want to learn Mandarin lesson Singapore , is the same. So put the two languages are native to the extent, if not impossible, is very difficult.
There is a very famous Chinese scholar, in my opinion he is a language genius, he was in a very bad environment to start learning English, but he can be very freely in switch between English, you can use English to discuss the history of Europe and the literature, you can also use Chinese, which is his mother tongue, and Chinese scholars philosophical dialogue. He gave me to share their son’s education experience, so I am more determined in my mind. He told me that he also hoped that his son started to achieve the level of English-speaking, put in a lot of time and effort, but he later in Hong Kong and Singapore, visiting scholar of experience, so he gave up the idea. He believes that the two languages are learned the extent of the mother tongue is basically impossible. No matter what the language, there must be a language as a mother tongue, to be proficient in the language, with this language a very deep emotional and philosophical expression and thinking, then as a basis for learning other languages, so that other languages become proficient master the working language. If one wants to start in two languages to learn the extent of the mother tongue, the result may be not learn both languages, can not carry out in-depth thinking. This statement and he inspired me a lot of dialogue, former Cabinet Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in his memoirs also said that only a handful of people can put in two very different languages (English and Chinese) have mastered the mother tongue degree. It seems that this is a common experience of those of us who have to undergo the pain of learning bilingual people. Is Mandarin lesson Singapore to thoroughly reflect on issues. 

English as the main working language principles unchanged

Combined with my learning, living and teaching experience, I think it should be out of bilingual education in Singapore in the past the idea of adopting a more flexible system design. First, the broad principles of English as the main language of work and learning can not be changed, which is an important part of Singapore’s characteristics and advantages, but also the identity of Singaporeans. However, the English established as the main work and learning the language is not English level requirements for each Singaporeans can reach the English-speaking level.
Second, the Mandarin lesson Singapore teaching is necessary to increase investment, Chinese want to become English-speaking Singaporeans working language proficiency. For English-speaking Chinese Singaporeans have too much demand is unrealistic and unnecessary.
Such a policy designed to make Mandarin lesson Singapore will improve the level of education, in order to better implement bilingual policy.