Singapore Chinese environment

Singapore is an island country in the southern tip of Malay peninsula.

Shortage of natural resources.Singapore’s biggest characteristic is to attract talent.That created our multiracial Singapore, more than one language and culture of society.At present there are more than 570 people in Singapore, and Chinese 74.2%, Malays (13.3%), indians (7.2%), other international accounted for 3.3%.Currently in Singapore Malay (wu), Chinese (mandarin), Tamil and English as the official language.The government is the administrative language English.Because the Chinese accounted for more than half of the population proportion, Mandarin lesson Singapore promotion becomes very important.Singapore Chinese environment

The development of the Singapore Chinese

From 1950 to 1970, as a result of Singapore Chinese entertainment and literature mainly from Taiwan or Hong Kong, so Singapore Chinese influenced by the language of the republic of China in Taiwan, mainly composed of Chinese traditional.Mandarin lesson Singapore textbook is traditional Chinese characters.
In the circle of Chinese Singaporeans spoke Chinese campaign in 1979. Starting from the Singapore Chinese became, Singaporeans widely used second language. Due to use mandarin in Singapore. Mandarin has been superseded by Singapore Hokkien (dialect) become a lingua franca between Chinese Singaporeans.
In 1980 China’s reforms and opening up, with the increase in the number of exchanges with mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, after used the Chinese pinyin, from using traditional Chinese characters to switch to Chinese, etc.
In the 21st century, China’s economic rise, Chinese in Singapore has been regarded as a greater importance, and a significant increase in the trend. Mandarin lesson Singapore has said.
In 2010, the knowledge of two languages (English and Chinese) or more Singaporeans has a rising tendency.

In recent years Chinese immigration and labor input, the influx of a large number of people in Singapore, Singapore Chinese to the Chinese mandarin has gradually close.Today of the Singapore Chinese schools and Chinese course under the promoting of ministry of education has made remarkable achievements.

Singapore courses in Chinese schools

Now in Singapore in pre-school education, primary, secondary, polytechnic schools, universities are opened the Chinese course.If the government school can’t satisfy the demand for Chinese language course, so there are a variety of Mandarin lesson Singapore cram school.Here are some more famous school.
The national university of Singapore
Nanyang technological university
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Singapore Chinese chamber institute of management
Singapore institute of management
University of new leap
Spring Singapore international school

The present situation of the Mandarin lesson Singapore

On March 7, 2007, the government of Singapore ministry of education, in order to further promote the Chinese teaching plan in the next five years, so the primary school in Singapore and two-thirds of the high school courses in Chinese language.
In 2012 Singapore, a lot of pupils are going to take mandarin courses.
Depending on statistics, there are 58, 2013 primary schools and 47 middle schools opened the Chinese course.
In 2015 the government of Singapore primary school Chinese curriculum standards.Combine family participation and social participation into the Chinese teaching materials.Through Chinese course Singapore can cultivate the students’ language ability, improve the students’ humanities cultivated manners to check the general ability of the Chinese language.
Today’s Chinese language education in Singapore has been launched to grab from baby. Singapore’s children have center not to be involved in a variety of preschool mandarin course.