Our Chinese programmes are tailor-made by experienced educators to cater to children of different ages, as well as adults.

Our lessons are structured around the goal of injecting interest of learning and fully preparing our students for Chinese at all levels. To enhance their learning experience, our teachers create interesting training aids and incorporate multi-media games, poems, songs and nursery rhymes into their teaching. Speech and Drama classes and Chinese Proverb classes are some of the characteristic classes. Adult courses such as Business Mandarin Courses are also available. We also organise foreign students to participate in HSK exams.

Chen Xing has a team of trained Chinese teachers from China, who are all famous university graduates. We seek to equip students with adequate Chinese knowledge to excel in listening, speech, reading and writing.

– Chinese Character recognizing and writing

We will teach through stories, songs and interesting poems, to stimulate students’ interest and curiosity in Chinese, and link Chinese to our daily life.

– Basic sentence structure and oral communication

– Learn to construct a sentence and describe a thing or event using different words including idioms

– Learn Han Yu Pin Yin through songs that rhyme to facilitate memorizing

Target Audience: 3 to 6 years old
Language Medium: Mandarin
Number of Lessons: 10 lessons per session
Address 1 Goldhill Plaza #03-05,Singapore 308899 ( Nearest Novena MRT Station )
Tel. (0065) 62566227  /  92972008


Primary School MOE syllabus (Read, Write, Listening, Oral)

– Exam format

Let students to get familiarize with exam format by teaching them basic answering and analyzing techniques

– Chinese textbook

We will teach textbook content using powerpoint animation, songs, stories, poems, games etc, to ensure that students can learn in a fun environment, thus increase their interest and confidence in Chinese language.

– Vocabulary recognition and oral communication

We will set up an environment using different props to teach them new words as they explore the environment. This links Chinese to real world and facilitate fast learning of new vocabularies. As students explore the environment, we will ask them to describe it, improving their oral communication skills as well as composition writing skills.

– Comprehension and Composition

Answering techniques and analyzing skills will be taught to ensure that students will perform their best during exams.

Comprehension and Composition Enrichment Programme

Date: 10 Jan 2015
Target Audience: 7 to 12 years old
Language Medium: Mandarin
Number of Lessons: 10 lessons per session
Address 1 Goldhill Plaza #03-05,Singapore 308899 ( Nearest Novena MRT Station )
Tel. (0065) 62566227  /  92972008

Speech and Drama

Focus mainly on oral communication and description skills in composition. Every lesson we will have a story for them to act out. They will watch a video about the story, and choose their own characters to act out. Through this, they will be able to learn new words and they will get familiarize to describe a event, an emotion or a thing, as they have to talk like the character.


  • Idiom Background

Chinese idiom mainly was created based on famous events in history, or poems. We will teach them the story behind this idiom, to facilitate students’ memorizing and understanding about the idiom. In this way, they will have more idea about how to use the idiom.

  • Usage of Idiom in Composition

We will provide students with examples to teach them how to use idioms in compositions. Students will also get exercises that help them to practice the usage of new idioms learnt.

Secondary School MOE Syllabus

Comprehension and Composition

Conversational Chinese

This course is for people who are interested in Chinese language and culture. We will focus mainly on Chinese speaking and conversation in Chinese. Real life topics will be discussed. Through learning, students will get a better understanding of Chinese culture and how to converse in Chinese.

Standard Chinese

This course is for students that want to take Chinese as their second language. We have basic, medium and advance level. We will separate students into different levels according to their current standard. We will teach pronunciation, conversation, writing and reading through videos or role play.

HSK Chinese

This course is for students who want to take the Chinese proficiency exam ( HSK exam). Exams technique, exam format and answering skills will be taught.

Business Chinese

There will be different themes for lessons. We will focus on teaching students Chinese that is related to work and business.