Dear Students, you are moving toward the gate of the secondary school. Have you ever worry about your Chinese course? Just join us < Secondary 1 pre-course on 2014>. Our teachers will lead you to a new world of Chinese by a professional and interesting way.

  • Through the understanding of secondary Chinese course, increasing confidence of the Chinese study.
  • Through different reading and writing skills. Customized strengthen your reading and writing abilities. You will no longer afraid of these parts.
  • Through read Chinese classic books, to feel the charm of Chinese culture.

Course content

  • Secondary 1 course: based on correctly understanding of words and sentence, gets the skill of article analyzing.
  • Practical writing skills: understanding basic practical writing format.
  • Topic given writing skills: flexibility in the use of various writing methods and utilize good words and sentence.
  • Reading classic books: Increase understanding of Chinese culture.
  • Reading newspapers: learn how to read Chinese newspaper, concern of national affairs, share your understanding with your classmates.

Enrollment target

Students who will attend secondary 1 on January 2014

Course date and time

17/11/2014-28/11/2014. Every Monday to Friday.  1:30 pm-3:30 pm( 20 hours of 10 courses)


1)Course fee $458     2)materials: $20 (including GST)


  • Apply course before 31 October to enjoy 10% discounts for our previous students. 5% discount for additional students.
  • To enjoy a 10% discount if more than 2 students apply together.